Launch a new plan for growth

Amid the hundreds of marketing tactics, intricate strategies, and sheer noise, there are four pillars for digital growth.

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Customer Acquisition + Buyer Journey

Understand how the buyer moves and thinks

Profitably generating new customers can be broken down into two different yet perfectly aligned frameworks. The goal is to find the tactics in each pillar that will advance the buyer through stages.

Drive Traffic

Stages: pre-awareness, awareness.

Close Sales

Stages: consideration, evaluation, rationalization


Convert Leads

Stages: awareness, education.

Nurture Prospects

Stages: awareness, education, consideration, evaluation

Buyer Journey: Pre-Awareness + Awareness

Drive Traffic

Most of your prospects probably have no idea who you are or how you can add value to them, so let's start there. At this stage you need to figure out what type of creative to use and where to use it to get in front of your target buyer.

Ideal Customer Persona

Driving traffic is a study on how well you know your ideal customer. Start with figuring out where they are and how they think.

Content + Creative

Consistently grab and keep the attention of your target buyers. The litmus test for content: how do they know it's for them?

Inbound Marketing Approach

Inbound marketing is the process of providing valuable online experiences where your prospects are eager to interact.

Deploy Creative
Deciding where to win attention.
Phase 01
Content Strategy
LinkedIn Outreach
Paid Traffic Sources
Buyer Persona Research
Social Media Assets
Dashboard/ Analytics
Referral Systems Marketing
Target Audience List Development
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Buyer Journey: Awareness + Education

Convert Leads

Quantity (cold-calling and buying lists) will never beat quality (high-intent inbound leads) when it comes to converting them into customers. Below are the three contributing factors to generating high-quality leads.

Modern Martech Stack

The marketing tools and technologies to make it really easy for prospects to stay and get the information they are looking for.

Remove All Friction

At first, all you need is an email address. Additionally, anything that seems like it will require a lot of work or is a hurdle must go.

Call To Action

Whether it's gated content, landing pages, or lead magnet, this needs to deeply resonate with the beliefs of the viewer.

Digital Ecosystem
Turning strangers into contacts.
Phase 02
High Converting Website
Martech Stack Build
Landing Pages
CRM Integration
CMS Platform
Premium + Gated Content
Intuitive Navigation UX/UI
Conversion Tracking
List Segmentation
Messaging and Voice
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Buyer Journey: Awareness + Education + Consideration + Evaluation

Nurture Prospects

Here you want to do a number of things: make it very clear that the value you provide aligns with the buyer's problems, stay top of mind, solve challenges, and build trust.

Marketing Automation

Everything, okay almost everything, can be automated. CRM, email campaigns, sales follow-up, can be programmed and optimized.

Permission To Solve Problems

If you got traffic and conversions right, then you have a list that wants to hear personal and relevant messages from you.

Advance The Sale

Since the buyer journey is complex and non-linear you need many touch points (think at least 10 interactions) to accelerate the sale.

Engage + Optimize
Booking appointments with prospects.
Phase 03
Lead Nurturing Strategy
Marketing Automation
CRM Management
Tech Stack Development
Custom Lead Scoring
CRM Setup
Email Sequences
Content Strategy
Re-engagement Campaigns
Social Media Engagement
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Buyer Journey: Consideration + Evaluation + Rationalization

Close Sales

The buyer can already be well along their path towards a purchase without sales being accountable or involved. Your sales process can be updated accordingly.

Sales + Marketing Alignment

Since there is not a clear handoff from marketing to sales it's important to share messaging, pain points, and data.

Make It Their Story

As much as possible try to reframe the engagement to be about their goals and solving their problems (and not selling features).

Buyer Journey Mapping

Sales needs to understand the prospect's journey, readiness to buy, what prospects they already know, and persisting problems.

Close Sales
Deal stage: Closed Won
Phase 04
Sales Pipeline Strategy
Sales Enablement
Process Automation
Product Demo Decks
Centralized Resources
Website Live Chat
Email Copy and Templates
Pricing and Information
Live Demos
Read more about appointments

Customer testimonials

"The biggest part of our digital transformationis changing the way we think."

"It used to feel like we were swinging in the dark trying to generate
appointments. After 2 months we saw 170% increase in pipeline value."

Brandon J.

CEO, Professional services

"Would recommend Wordell without reservation"

Brian T.

Director, Non-profit

"We were struggling to find an approach that could get consistent results... [and] quality leads. This framework finally created traction."

Susan T.

Operations Manager

Your Winning Formula

Grow your revenue

Hopefully you now have a blueprint drawn in your mind. You don't have to do everything, you only need to execute a few tactics well for each of the four pillars.

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